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  • KHE-300 for a Lesabre

    KHE-300 for a Lesabre

    Are you a classic car connoisseur and also own a classic Buick Lesabre by any chance? Looking to swap out your radio with something new but don't want to lose the original look of your car? No problem! At Vintage Car Radio we can do just that! We've been...

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The Buick Lesabre is an almost muscle car. Its kind of what you think of if you crossed a muscle car and a luxury car. Its basically the best of both worlds. Not everyone needs huge horsepower or the need to be able to out corner a Porsche. Some people like to have just enough power to have some fun but a nice ride too. The Buick Lesabre was one of those great riding vehicles that people still talk about. It was like the cliché, of riding on air. It made the Buick Lesabre a great car to drive on long trips or around town. When your car has a nice ride, it makes taking the kids to school or running errands a lot easier. Buick always seemed to play second fiddle to Chevrolet or even Cadillac but it really shouldn't have. The Buick Lesabre was a car that could a lot of things very well. Cruising in your Buick Lesabre was something everyone should be able to do in a lifetime. It was such a treat. The Buick Lesabre made you want to drive it. Now driving and listening to the hum of the engine was a great thing but there are times you want to be able to rock out while on the road. The bad thing about the Buick Lesabre was the horrible stock radio. It seriously was awful. So lets say you have a Buick Lesabre but are sick of the radio, what can you do? You move on over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the great line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are considered some of the best in the business. The sound and the quality of the pieces themselves are top notch. You will not be disappointed with a Ken Harrison radio.