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Ken Harrison

When someone thinks of Trimuph they think of very cool small sports cars. They think of ripping around corners, top down, not a care in the world. Shifting gears and smiles all around. There really wasn't anything better than the Triumph. Its small size and peppy engine made it one of the most fun things to drive ever. They were built to handle and they were built to last. You still see Triumphs everywhere, still being used for what they were suppose to be used for, that was to have as much fun as possible and boy could you. It was raced on tracks all over the world from club tracks to international tracks and it won everywhere. When you wanted to cruise around the city the Triumph could do just that. It was great for commuting because it got great mileage due to its diminutive size. When you wanted to get away from it all the Triumph was a fine way to do it. Picture yourself having a bad day, the boss was a pain or the kids wouldn't stop screaming, you just need to get away and you need to get away fast. So what can you do? You can hop in your Triumph and just take off. Take off and move forward, forget about what happened during the day, forget about all of your problems even for just a bit. A good cruise requires good tunes. But the problem you're going to have is that the stock Triumph radio isn't exactly as good as the rest of the car. Lets be honest it sounded horrible. So now that you have a Triumph but need a goo radio, what can you do? You get over To Vintage Car Radio and buy yourself a Ken Harrison radio. Ken Harrison radios are the best in the business. So buy one today.