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Custom AutoSound

  • Custom Autosound 5"x7" Dual Voice Coil Speakers 3

    Custom Autosound 5"x7" Dual Voice Coil Speakers 3

    Since at least 2 speakers (channels) are required for stereo radios, we have developed speaker systems for classic vehicles that came with only one mono speaker. These dual voice coil "DVC" speakers will give you the best possible sound from your...

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  • Custom Autosound Backseat Drivers

    Custom Autosound Backseat Drivers

    Available for 64 1/2'-70' Mustangs, 55'- 57' Chevy and Camaro, Chevelle, and Impala models. Equipped with the Boss 400 watt amp and 2 - 8' subwoofersPanel with cables and wires for easy install. Will fit most classic vehicles. For the music lovers,...

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  • Custom AutoSound Dash Speakers 3

    Custom AutoSound Dash Speakers 3

    The road whistles a lonesome sound when traveling along the by ways and highways of a region. Turn of a dial, and a poke at a button and your Vintage Car Radio with its Custom Autosound dash speakers makes a conversation. With this conversation all those...

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  • Custom AutoSound Kickpanels 3

    Custom AutoSound Kickpanels 3

      Kick Panels from Custom Autosound allows you to add more speakers to the car and at the same time maintain the original factory appearance. Although dash speakers are always the easy targets for upgrade and replacement, kick panels offers the...

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  • Custom AutoSound UNDERCOVER Speaker Enclosures

    Custom AutoSound UNDERCOVER Speaker Enclosures

    Custom Autosound designed and manufactured these speakers specifically for 'under seat' or horizontal 'wall' installations. 'Could be used on large 'parcel shelves' - wherever! Compact unit with one 5½" woofer and piezo tweeter in each enclosure...

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  • Replacement Speakers

    Replacement Speakers

    Replacement Speakers Include grills, wires and hardware   Custom AutoSound Replacement speakers can be found at only qualified retailers and try to find a legit source is even harder. Not only is this article legit, it’s going to...