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Ken Harrison

When you think sexy car, you invariably think of Jaguar. From way back to now, the Jaguar is one of the all time legends when it comes to sports cars. The amazing power, the amazing looks, the amazing handling, the Jaguar had it all. When you drove a Jaguar, you knew you were driving the best that the British had to offer. It was designed to literally cover everything. It was a great around town car, it was a great highway car and when you wanted to take it to the track you knew you had one of the fastest cars around. Some cars drive great, feel great but the sound wasn't all that spectacular but when you heard the Jaguar, you were hearing the sound of god. The classic Jaguar engine produced not only power but also a tone that will never be forgotten. Downshift in a Jaguar is like hearing heaven singing in your ear. Obviously your senses are alive when driving a Jaguar. You can hear, feel, touch, smell and even taste life when you're in a Jaguar but listening to anything other than the engine and you'll be let down in a big way. Most of the time the factory Jaguar radio was there just for show. Sure you could turn it on on but then the you'd feel bad. So what if you have your classic Jag but you'd like to have something to listen to other than your radio? Never fear, Vintage Car Radio is here to the rescue with a great line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios have to be heard to believed. They are built with great parts so you know you'll get a long life out of them. The sound is amazing. You'll be buying new music and planning trips just so you can listen to your Ken Harrison radio.