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When someone thinks of luxury cars people think of Cadillac, BMW, etc. but one doesn't think of Buick. Sure Buick has built some nice cars but you don't think of them at the forefront of the luxury car market but they built the Rivera and it rocked. The Rivera combined a lot of different styles of cars all wrapped up into one. First off the lines were things to dream of; they had classical yet simple styling that made them stand out in a row of ho hum cars. The real standout in the Rivera line was the boat tail. It was inspired by the boat tail design of the classic Auburn cars. It was a bold move that really worked and instantly made the Rivera a classic. Not only did the Rivera have the great lines it also was powered by the legendary Nailhead V8. The Nailhead produced quite a bit of horsepower and was one of the forerunners of the muscle car era. It also powered many a dragster down the quarter mile in record times. So now you had the Rivera as a luxury car and an early muscle car but what else? The Buick Rivera also buzzed up the custom car crowd. From the normal Rivera or the Boat tail the lines just screamed out to the custom car crowd. They could lower it or do a few subtle body mods and bam you had a clean custom machine. The great thing about the Rivera was that it didn't take long to make it into a custom machine that caught the eye of everyone one the street. It was already basically a custom car straight from the factory. But every good car needs a good stereo and the good folks at Custom Autosound can hook you up with the exact modern stereo that will make your Rivera even more of a classic.