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Ken Harrison

What more can be said about the Camaro that hasn't been said before. It is probably the most popular muscle car of its era or possibly ever. Sure the Mustang is unbelievably popular but even though it had some huge horsepower it got classified as just a 'classic' car not a muscle car. So what makes the Camaro such a legendary car? First off the looks. It had the long hood and muscular build, it just got it right. Under the hood is where the Camaro got its punch. It had all the options such as the straight six, the small block and the big block. But they just weren't the basic engines, they had big options like dual carbs, four speeds, all the good things that make a muscle car a muscle car. The love of the Camaro has never gone away and continues to grow every year. The Camaro is the king of the muscle car. Now even though when you're out with your Camaro and the engine of your choice is rumbling beneath you sometimes you don't want to be banging gears you just want cruise and ease your troubles away but what is up with the stock Camaro radio? You can't tune anything in and when something does come in it sounds terrible. So what do you do? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout their stock of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios is one of the most respected products in the industry. Their radios are built with the top of the line parts and they are built specifically for your Camaro. The sound quality is unbeleiveable and you'll wonder why you didn't do it before. So get over to Vintage Car Radio and decide which Ken Harrison radio works for you and your Camaro.