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There is only one word in German luxury automobiles. Actually its three letters, BMW but we don't want to get too hung up on details. BMW is a top of the line manufacturer that only produces top of the line automobiles. They've been doing it for decades and they don't be to stopping anytime soon. When you think of luxury sports sedan you picture a BMW. They have sleek lines and unbelievable suspensions. The BMW has been raced on every track in North America and Europe dominating class after class but the streets is really where the BMW shines. It came with all the latest technology every year. That being said, it had just about all the power windows, doors, etc. that was available at the time. BMW was all about making things easier while you drove down the highways. They wanted you to just be at ease while driving, in the lap of luxury some might say. Even though BMW had all the latest techno things, the classics always had their shortcomings. Whether it was the drum brakes or whatever it might be, you could always improve your ride. Well guess what, the radio needs help and Vintage Car Radio is the place to go for all your radio needs. There isn't a classic car or truck that Vintage Car Radio doesn't cover. From the common to the weird they've got them all. Not only that they have the best in business when it comes to the manufacturers, including Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Radio Repro, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. They all come with the easiest to read instructions and they all install very easy. No need to cut up your dash, these don't take any work other than bolting them in. So go to Vintage Car Radio to get your BMW ready for some tunes.