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Some people think of the Buick LeSabre as an old person’s car, the modern version that is. You can just see Grandma and Grandpa pulling up to your house in the mid-sized version of the Buick LeSabre. It’s probably brown, with big soft cushy seats, those ugly 'wire' wheel hubcaps and some sort of odd compass like thing hanging from the from the windshield. You really couldn't get uglier or more boring but it wasn't always like that. The original Buick LeSabres were big beautiful machines. They had all the awesome stylings of the fin era. The Buick LeSabre had some serious fins and chrome and let’s be honest all cars should have fins and chrome. They came from a time of real metal, no plastic or some space age plastics, just real metal made by Detroit. These were highway cars. The roads and interstates in America were just starting to let you travel cross country. You could see hundreds and hundreds of roadside specials all while snugly in your Buick LeSabre. It was a time of if you lived on the East coast or Midwest; you could take your family to see the Grand Canyon or the Pacific Ocean. Something unheard of before the war. Sure you could have done it then but the roads were way rougher and the cars weren't up to the rigors of ride but in the Buick LeSabre you were good to go.


But what fun is it driving cross country with the family or significant other and being to listen to some tunes. I mean, AM radio ain't what it used to be. So what should you do? Get to Custom Autosound; they have everything you need to get a modern stereo in your classic Buick. Easy install and great sound, there is not beating a Custom Autosound stereo.