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The Lincoln is a part of the Ford Motor Company but has a style all its own. It goes all the way back to the song “Hot Rod Lincoln” a story about a big engined hot rod but what the Lincoln is really known for is its big plush riding luxury cars. These cars were B I G and came with all the latest technology of the day. Only the big wigs and movie stars drove the Lincolns. These cars came with class that you couldn't find in other makes. When someone said they drove a Lincoln you knew they had a good life going on. The Lincoln was a high end make that drove like a dream. When you pictured someone driving a Lincoln you pictured a guy in a really fine tailored suit or a woman in a beautiful dress. These people had it going on and the Lincoln was more than just transportation. It was part of a life, part of the way you carried yourself and the great thing was that the Lincoln was also one fine automobile. It was great on long rides and around town it handled itself just great. It was just a beautiful ride that made you proud to be an owner.


But what was the one thing that could make the Lincoln even better? Better fins? Nope. Better ride? Nope. Better radio? Ding, ding, ding we have a winner! Custom Autosound can set you up with the best radio systems that money can buy. They have tested them to the highest standards and they only release the highest quality systems for your car. They come with easy to read instructions and are so easy to install you could do it with your hands tied behind your back. Get a Custom Autosound system and cruise till you can't cruise anymore.