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When people hear the name Rambler they probably think of an old western movie. They picture some cowboy walking with his spurs rattling against his boots, getting into a gunfight or riding off into the sunset but the Rambler was cool little brand that was built during the '50s and '60s. The late '50s were a big time in automotive manufacturing. Brands were building some of the most 'out of the box' designs ever. You had the huge fins, the big barges, and the miles and miles of chrome, square cars, round cars, everything under the sun was up for grabs and the manufacturers went at it like a shark feeding frenzy. There was nothing that companies wouldn't do to get your dollar. The bigger the better was the phrase of the day. The Rambler company came at it a different way. They had the same ideas but in smaller packages. They figured some people didn't need room for seventy or fins so big you could take down a lion on safari, maybe people wanted styling in a more sensible package. Around town you could use something a bit smaller, it made it easier to park, easier to maneuver and got better mileage to boot. The Rambler Company was ahead of its time. But one thing the Rambler was behind on the times was the sound system. Small speakers, bad reception and terrible tuning we're just some of the drawbacks of the old radios. But don't fear Rambler owners Custom Autosound has come to the rescue. They can put together a complete package that will make your Rambler sound like it was built this year! They have the latest technology that will put you in the modern times. Custom Autosound has radios, speakers and all the pieces needed to get your Rambler hooked up.