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Ken Harrison

GTO. Those three letters have thrilled people since 1964. Many consider the GTO to be the first muscle car which could be debated but you probably wouldn't win. Pontiac was possibly the first manufacturer to put a big engine in a midsize car. The tri-power three eighty nine V8 could really move the GTO. The muscle car era was a grand time in America. You had cars that had way too much power but were so sexy that you just couldn't resist. They were big and bold, with loud engines and bright colors. The dominated the streets, they dominated at the track, the dominated at the showrooms. Why would you buy a plain jane sedan when you could have a GTO? I mean they didn't write songs about four door Falcons, they wrote songs about the GTO. Whether it was the hardtop or the convertible, the GTO was the big boy and it just kept getting better. The late sixties the GTO got the ultimate package in the Judge. The Judge was big and bad and probably the number one GTO. Nobody did it better. Now even though the GTO, of any year was a complete monster it still had some bad qualities. The gas mileage (like anyone cared) was dreadful and the ride wasn't very comfortable but the worst was the radio. Now much like any classic car, the stock radio was horrible. Bad reception, bad sound and no power were just some of the bad qualities so what can you do to help out your GTO? You get to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the long list of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to the highest standards with the best parts you can buy. They are easy to install and the sound is amazing. So get to Vintage Car Radio today and take a listen to Ken Harrison radios.