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  • Stereo Conversion FMC-3.0 FM Tuner

    Stereo Conversion FMC-3.0 FM Tuner

    Stereo Conversion FMC-2 FM Tuner   The FMC-2 is the follow-on to the incredible FMC-1 that took the collector car world by storm! With updated features like double the processing power, selectable VOX Auxiliary Input and twice the output voltage,...

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The world grew up AM radio. Millions of people sat around at evening time listening to the radio. This was before TV so this was one of the few times a family could get together and enjoy some quality time together. You had so many radio talk shows to listen to, variety hours, news programs and hundreds of mystery type shows. The family was never a want for entertainment. Soon, with the advent of the car, the AM radio was on the move just like the family of the time. Now you could take all those great programs and your favorite tunes right along with you. It was as if you had a show all your own at anytime of the day. Even though having your own AM radio in your car was great the AM radio itself wasn't the greatest thing since sliced bread. Most of the time the signal was very weak. It was like listening to a song through a strainer. Sure you heard most of the tune but you really didn't get the full effect. Soon FM radio came along and changed the way we listened to music and the radio forever. The FM signal was clearer and stronger. You could pick up stations from miles away just like they were right around the corner. Life was good. Now the problem you have is if you own a classic car but really don't want to lose the look and originality of factory radio but still want the joys of FM radio? You get yourself the Aurora Design FMC-1. The FMC-1 can make any AM radio able to receive FM stations and also provide auxiliary inputs for MP3 players, satellite radio and numerous other cool features. So with the FMC-1 you can have the best of both worlds, AM and FM.