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The Chevy Malibu started off as a mid sized everyday type of car but as things went a good way once the small block Chevy was installed and a muscle car was born. The Chevy Malibu was a sister car of the Chevelle and shared a lot of design and parts so you knew it was going to be good. You could get it with an automatic or a manual and of course a two-door or four-door. One of the great things about the Chevy Malibu was you could do so many things with it. You could use it as a daily driver, haul the kids to school or take your significant other for a night out on the town. It could do a lot of things very well. Once the drag car guys got a hold of it you saw Malibu's everywhere. The drag strips of America were crawling with Malibus. The easy to build small block Chevy that came stock in the Malibu made it really simple to go fast and fast they did go. You could see Malibus lifting their wheels and taking home trophies. Of course not everyone wanted to go fast, some wanted to just cruise or enjoy a good ride and one of the things you do when you're cruising is listen to the radio. Now the problem with the Malibu is the stock sound system is horrible. So what do you do? You move on over to Vintage Car Radio for all your radio needs. They have the best of the best when it comes to classic car radios. They carry the top of the line radios from the best in the business like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. These radios will make your Malibu sound like it never has before and not only that the radio installs in no time at all.