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Ken Harrison

The Ford Torino is probably best known for the red and white stripped, slot mag wearing car in the TV show Starsky and Hutch. People really loved seeing it slide around corners and run down the bad guys. But really the Ford Torino was an understated muscle car that never got the big credit it deserved. It grew from humble beginnings into a very subtle but mean muscle car. It came with the big block on down to the hi-revving small blocks. Four speeds and automatic transmissions were available for your pleasure. The Ford Torino was a huge hit in the NASCAR circles. It dominated on the big ovals and was pretty good on the short tracks too. Eventually it even got its own car the Torino Talledega. But most people know it as the car from Starsky and Hutch. It left a huge impression on the TV public and spawned hundreds of replica cars so the world will always know the joy of the Ford Torino. But picture yourself in your hot rod Torino or Starsky and Hutch tribute moving on down the road but you want to listen to some tunes. But please don't turn on the stereo, you'll want to stop, tear out the radio and throw out of the window. The stock Ford Torino was just plain awful. I mean really, really bad. So what can you, the Torino owner do about it? You call up the great folks at Vintage Car Radio and checkout the great stereos from Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are some of the best in the business. They are built to last a lifetime, in fact they'll probably out last you and your car. The sound is simply amazing and the clarity is out of this world. So get your Ken Harrison radio today.