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Ken Harrison

This great nation of ours was built on the backs and sweat of many a man and woman. They worked all across the US bringing products by horse and then by horse and buggy but it was slow and hard on person and beast. Then the railroads could take even great amounts of product across the nation but it could only go where the tracks would go. Then the truck was born and the nation became a much smaller place. Chevrolet is and always has been a leader in the truck game. There really isn't a much better truck then the Chevrolet. It is as much a part of America as baseball and apple pie. When you see the American flag you think of the Chevrolet truck, it can be seen in driveways, farms, workplaces and schools everywhere. There really isn't any better truck than the Chevrolet. Always a classic and always will be. Picture yourself driving some produce to market or lumber to the job site or even cruising with the family and you're enjoying the Chevrolet truck in all its glory. But there is something missing. Sure it runs great and rides great. Its amazingly dependable but its not perfect. Its that pesky classic car and truck problem, the radio. The radio was just terrible and the power was just really poor. So what can you do? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the Ken Harrison line of radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting specifications with only the top of the line materials. They are built so they are easy to install which gets you on the road where your Chevrolet truck is suppose to be. So get over to Vintage Car Radio and get a good look at Ken Harrison radios.