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Ken Harrison

If you say when you were young and you saw your first sports car and you told me that you didn't want it I say liar. Now if you saw a Porsche and you said you didn't want it, I'm really calling you a liar. Everyone wants a Porsche. Even Porsche haters want a Porsche. There must be something in the water in Germany because when you see a Porsche, you want a Porsche. Maybe its a subliminal message encoded in the bodywork or something but the Porsche is just down right sexy. The Porsche is gods gift to automobiles. Porsche has been around for ages and they just keep putting out masterpiece after masterpiece. Not only do they look good but they run like nobody's business. They've won on every track on every continent in the world. Look up records of any racing group and you'll find the Porsche name. They were built to ridiculous standards and it shows in the workmanship. The utter beauty of the Porsche is unmistakeable. When you see a Porsche its like the highlight of your day. Driving a Porsche is one of the great things in life. Flying through some corners or enjoying a track day is out of this world. Having said that, if you just want to cruise on a nice summer night or head to the store you'd like to have some tunes to listen to. The problem with that is the classic Porsche radio left a lot to be desired. It was downright awful. So what can a Porsche owner do about this little problem? You move on over to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio. You won't believe the sound of a Ken Harrison radio. So you better get to Vintage Car Radio now because your Porsche deserves it.