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BT-2.8 Bluetooth Adapter

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    BT-3.0 Bluetooth/AAC Adapter

    Stereo ConversionBT-2.5 Bluetooth/AAC Adapter   By leveraging all the advanced design features of the BTU-2.5, the new BT-2.5 joins the expanding family of advanced FMR family products. The BT-2.5 adds:      • Latest...

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So you want a modern touch to your classic car or truck. All the neat things that go along with owning a cool old car is great but sometimes you'd like to have the new technology the modern car has. Maybe its the intermittent wipers, the GPS, the dual climate control or even the digital dash readout. All those things you don't think about until don't have them. They make life easier but what you really want is the modern radio. Your old radio works, OK but lets be honest its not the reason you bought your hot rod. You bought your hot rod because of the style, the feel of driving something that was built when people took pride in their work. Something that is built with metal not cheap plastic. There is a reason that your classic is still around. The modern car won't be around in thirty or forty years. It will just be landfill but that doesn't mean you can't use the technology that comes with it. Aurora Design has what you need to update that old classic to the twenty first century. The Stereo BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter is what will take your old classic to new heights. You care too much about your hot rod to use some cheap hanging cord, cigarette lighter, bought at some super store solution. You need the BT-1 from the good folks at Aurora Design. The Aurora Design BT-1 was designed with the thought of using your existing AM/FM receiver. That means no cords or anything to connect with or get in the way. When a call comes in it the radio mutes and the call comes in. That means no fumbling with different knobs to get your call right and taking away your sights on the road. So get yourself an Aurora Design BT-1 and take your classic into modern times.