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Ken Harrison

  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 35

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 35

    KHE-300-USB    A classic car deserves a classic radio, so treat your MGB to the one and only Ken Harrison KHE-300. This beautifully designed radio is custom made for your dash for a perfect fit. With an elegant look and a superior sound...

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Every kid growing up notices cars. The first cars he notices are usually sports cars. Maybe its the bright colors or the groovy noises they make, no one really knows but they sure do catch our attention. Some sports cars are built for speed, some are built for looks, some do both, one of those that do both is the MGB. Considered one of the coolest sports cars, the MGB could out duel even some of the best sports cars the world had to offer. Its small size and light weight meant that it didn't have such mass to move around which meant you had serious cornering ability. The MGB could stop on a dime and give five cents change as the old cliché goes. Speed was out of this world too. Small size also meant you didn't need five hundred horsepower which meant you could a long life out of your engine. It was a dream to drive and everyone, even the kids noticed you. Driving your MGB with the top down is one of life's guilty pleasures. The smooth performing engine and the great ride meant you had a smile on your face that needed to be wiped off. Everything was great right up until you reached down to turn on the radio. After that things got ugly. People would cringe when the radio was turned on and you thought there was nothing could do about it. But wait there is shining light on the horizon! Its name is Vintage Car Radio and they have the best in the vintage car industry. One of those is Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are beyond good, they are great. The sound will literally amaze you. The great things about Ken Harrison radios are the attention to detail, that means you get great performance just like your MGB.