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Mopar use to be both Dodge and Plymouth but now sadly it’s just Dodge. Why did Plymouth die? I don't think anyone knows for sure but we are all very sad. We lost so many great cars like the Barracuda (or 'Cuda) which they should have gone with instead of the Challenger. I mean the 'Cuda always looked like it was going to kick someone’s butt! But it was not meant to be, though the legacy lives on due to the Plymouth's hordes of diehard followers. The Plymouth was huge in the '60s muscle car wars. Mopar basically started the funny car movement with its 1% cars, which were cars built with the wheelbase moved up 1% for better traction. If you’re a car guy/girl you that if 1% is good, more is better, hence the soon to be called altered wheelbase cars. These cars had there rear axles moved a foot or more as well as the front shoved forward too. This aided in getting the rear tires to hook since tire technology wasn't that great in the '60s. Big wigs from the Plymouth factory were right in on it as well. They had a few cars touring the drag strips of the US with some might weird looking vehicles which is where you get the term funny car, because, well they were funny looking. The spectators loved these unusual creatures and it was a win on Sunday sell on Monday theme for Plymouth. Of course most Plymouth's now either are full on drag cars that never see the street or cars that were just built to cruise the highways and byways of the nation. So if you’re just going to cruise you need tunes! What better place to look than Custom Autosound! They have everything you need to get your Plymouth up and rocking in no time.