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Seemingly since the dawn of time people with big money always wanted to show it off. They bought the houses with tennis courts, huge pools, etc., they would throw the biggest parties with ice sculptures and huge bands, they would buy the biggest jewelry and so on. This went the same with cars. They needed the biggest, flashiest most expensive wheels money could buy. At the top of the heap, king of the hell so to speak was the Rolls Royce. Look up a picture of any 'rich' or 'famous' person and you'll see them leaning up against a Rolls Royce, usually draped in snazzy clothes and probably in front of a huge mansion. It didn't matter if you were a movie star, athlete, politician; land mogul, etc., if you wanted to show it off you bought a Rolls Royce. The Rolls came complete with the most modern of features for its time, as well as the highest grade leather interiors. I mean these cars were put together part by part with actual human hands and they were put together with love. Every bolt, wire and drop of oil used was of the highest quality. You never got faux anything, only the real silver, gold and top quality woods that were available. When you saw a Rolls Royce in person you knew the owner only wanted the best in his/her life. They wouldn't accept second class anything. The Rolls Royce demanded to be seen but did it with elegance that he big auto companies couldn't match. But even with the top of the line everything, the Rolls Royce lacked in one big department, the radio! The great folks at Custom Autosound can give the Rolls Royce what it deserves, a top quality modern radio system that no one can beat