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Custom AutoSound USA-4 in Dash AM/FM/CD MP3 Owning and driving a car is something every kid dreams about. When you turn sixteen years old and you get your drivers license the world is yours. You have fantasies about driving all over the nation, bringing your friends along with you as you see the sights of the country. You stop by the biggest ball of yarn, the Grand Canyon, Graceland, maybe even see Disneyland. Its time to get away from Mom and Dad and get out on your own. The freedom is unbelievable. Also one of the great things about driving and owning a car is listening to the radio. There is nothing better than cruising along on a steamy summer afternoon while enjoying your favorite tunes. Whether its easy listening, jazz, country or rock and roll relaxing to a great song while moving on down the road is one of life's special moments. During the early years of the automobile, you pretty much were screwed when you wanted to listen to music. Mainly because they didn't have portable music players yet. It was really hard to keep a record from skipping when you were bouncing down the highway. Besides the radio stations weren't that powerful either so even getting the first car radios to pick anything up was a hassle. Then the stations became bigger and there was just plain more of them so the manufacturers started to pick up there game. The radios became more elaborate and the listening experience became much better. Now you could be driving and getting an OK sound from your local radio station. The thing was though, no matter how good the classic car radio was, it just won't hold up to the modern radio. The modern radio like the Custom Autosound USA-4 Din, is something that the early car builders would not believe. When you hear a classic car stereo its not something to write home about. Actually you wouldn't want anyone to know you have one. You probably wouldn't believe that anyone would think that it sounded good. The thing is no one know any better. The fact you could hear any song while driving in your car was a bit of magic to most people. So the fact that the sound was awful really didn't matter to anyone. Now you have the modern radio such as the Custom Autosound USA-4 Din that sends and receives signals in digital and the sound is crystal clear. So going back in your classic car and listening to the stock radio is just a bad way to live. If its possible it will actually sound worse than it really is. But we have great news for you. There isn't any reason to put yourself through radio hell anymore. The days of cringe worthy sounds are over. They days of singing to yourself and lets be honest probably making a fool of yourself are over! Vintage Car Radio sells radios like the Custom Autosound USA-4 Din that's available in black or chrome, that fit directly into your classic car dash. No grinding, welding or cutting. Its literally just as simple as removing your old stock radio and mounting up the new modern radio. You don't need any fancy tools or specialized equipment. The Vintage Car Radio mounts up in your stock dash like it was meant too, because it was! You don't have to listen static and having the signal break up anymore. You'll be able to to turn up the volume without hearing the speakers crackle and pop. Not only that you get unbelievably clean digital sound from your Custom Autosound USA-4 Din. You'll be able to hear every single word, every small nuance of the music. You'll be able to hear things like you've never heard them before. Plus you'll be able to plug in your MP3 player to take advantage of you thousands and thousands of songs that you've built up over the years. No more slave to whatever the radio stations want you to hear. You can listen to your favorite songs anytime and anyplace you are driving. Its like having a jukebox in your car and the jukebox sounds better than it ever has before. The great thing about the Custom Autosound USA-4 Din is that it still retains the classic car look. The great thing about classic cars is the style. Unlike new cars where everything appears to be heated in an oven and just melted onto the dash, the classic car interior is an art form. Everything blends from one place to the next and does it all in a regal fashion. The chrome is perfect and the gauges have an art deco style. So you don't have to worry when you install a Vintage Car Radio like the Custom Autosound USA -4 Din that it will take away from the greatness of your interior.