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Mopar is considered Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth. Mopar had killer cars from way back but they really hit their stride in the '50s. Big fins were in and Mopar had some of the biggest. I mean you could have hurt yourself if you tripped onto one of them. Death by fin would have been quite the news title. Mopar moved into the sixties and get the jump on the performance market with the early hemi. The hemi came in all sorts of big barges but the drag racers realized that if you took the early hemi or commonly known as the whale motor and added a dose of nitromethane you got big horsepower really quick. Soon every big time racer was scouring the junkyards for the whale motor and the horsepower race was on. The big wigs at Mopar also realized that drag racing was really catching on so the big engines started to appear in Coronets and Valiant and the drag racers took notice. Soon Mopar started big name racers like Big Daddy Don Garlits and the Mopar name exploded. Soon everyone was lining up for factory direct cars like the hemi Dart and 'Cuda and soon you could buy the muscle car right off the show room floor. The early '70s were huge for Mopar with the birth of the 'Cuda and Challenger. These cars killed on the drag strip and the road courses everywhere. Now these cars go for upwards and sometimes more than a million dollars. I bet you wish go back in time now huh.


Sure the rumble of the big block Mopar is heaven to listen to but sometimes you just want a good tune and Custom Autosound is the place for all your radio needs. They have the highest quality radios and sound systems you can buy.