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So everyone knows the cartoon of the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. You've seen the Roadrunner outsmart the Coyote a million times; no matter what the Coyote tried he just couldn't stop that darn Roadrunner. Well Plymouth designed a new muscle car in the '60s and said to themselves what could we name it? They went through hundreds of ideas and then stumbled upon the Roadrunner. They must have figured no one could outrun the cartoon character and no one would be able to outrun their new muscle car either! So the Roadrunner was born and it was an instant hit with the public. It had aggressive lines and all sorts of mayhem below the hood! Sure you could order a 318 or even the 383 but the big boys really came to play with the 440 and the legendary Hemi. The term Hemi Roadrunner brings shivers to the spines of the Mustang and Camaro owners. The Roadrunner prowled the streets much like its cartoon counterpart but this one took no prisoners. It searched out unsuspecting prey and opened its four, six or even eight barrels of carburetor and eight up the competition. The Roadrunner came with all the cool '60s muscle car lingo like the Six Pack (three two barrel carburetors), Air grabber hood scoop and of course, again the Hemi. The Hemi was four hundred and twenty six cubic inches of pure muscle. When it was packed in a Roadrunner it was pure beautiful automotive violence and it destroyed anyone who got in the way, whether it was on the track or on the street. Now it was pure joy listening to any of the above mentioned powerplants sing their beautiful songs but sometimes you just want to let the engine relax and enjoy some rocking tunes and what better company to help you out than Custom Autosound. They can make the inside of the Roadrunner just as amazing as the outside.