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Ken Harrison

There are some auto manufacturers that are known world wide for dependability, looks and just plain fun to drive. There are builders that can do one or two of those things but usually not all three. Volkswagen is one of those rare companies that can do it all. There are millions and millions of die hard Volkswagen supporters. Some can be considered rabid. You'll see hundreds of festivals just for Volkswagen's. As said before Volkswagen fans are nutcases. The biggest reason they are the way they are is because Volkswagen's are some of the best built cars ever. It doesn't matter what era Volkswagen you're talking about you still see them on the roads in every country on the planet. Whether it was the Bug or the Bus or the Karmaan Ghia, they are everywhere. When you see a VW, you know its a VW. There isn't any doubt about it being a Chevy or Ford, VW's have a personality all their own. The great thing is, that not only do they look good they drive great. Of course the fact they will outlast the cockroaches is a good thing too. Now of course, the VW will be the best handling, best look and most reliable car you'll ever own it did have some faults. One big one being the lackluster radio. I'm not sure how you can have such a great car with such a horrible radio but it has been done. So what as a VW owner are you suppose to do? You move on over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the great line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are, like the VW the best in the business. They are built to last and are so easy to install. The sound will blow you away. So get yourself a Ken Harrison radio today!