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Ken Harrison

The Buick Riviera was one slick automobile. It had long, flowing lines that made it appear to flow down the road. It was the type of car that crossed over from muscle car to custom car. It had the big power of a muscle car but its looks just screamed custom car. When you bought a Buick Riviera you knew you had the best of both worlds. Want to go fast? Hit that loud pedal. Want to cruise with the best cars on the boulevard? Hop in and go. The Buick Riviera could walk the walk and talk the talk. It came out in a time when the factories were moving away from the big fins of the '50s and becoming more subtle. The problem was that some manufacturers went too far the other way and became too sedate. They lost all the edge that they built up and the cars had no personality at all. They became much like the cars of today, lifeless copycat cars. Cars are suppose to have souls and some didn't but the Buick Riviera had it in spades. Driving the Buick Riviera was something special because it do so many thing so well. Heck it was big enough for the family to cruise around. The thing is when you're cruising you need some tunes to listen to but the stock radio was just junk. Seriously, you'll want to pull it right out of the dash and toss it in the trash yourself. So what can a Buick Riviera owner do about it? They can head over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the great line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios have a great sound all their own. You won't believe your ears. Ken Harrison radios are what you Riviera needs.