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Ken Harrison

People really love German cars. They love the looks, the style, the precision of the build, German cars are known around the world for their dependability and performance. One of those builders is Mercedes. Mercedes is considered one of the great manufacturers in the automobile world. They have some of the nicest cars around they can do it on the street or the track. Mercedes have always been a leader in the luxury car genre. They know how to make a car ride smooth, have great power and still be easy to drive. When you think of Mercedes you think of sleek, mean looking car that has so much grace. Seriously, Mercedes cars always had this class about them that no other car had. It was like they were the kings and queens of the car world and everyone else was just the peasants. Then you had the Mercedes that everyone knows about from the racing world. There isn't a track in the world that Mercedes hasn't won on. It didn't matter the class or the year, Mercedes always kicked some serious butt. Now having said that, the Mercedes lead the way in every possible class but even they were behind in the radio world. It really didn't matter how good the rest of the car was, the radio was just plain bad. I mean horrible, if you turned it on, you'd want to get out as fast as you could. So what do you do to help your classic Mercedes out? You get your butt over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the long line of great radios from Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison radios are the top of the heap when it comes to the classic car group. Ken Harrison radios are spectacular in the sound and the installation and they last forever.