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The Corvair was a car that sadly is more infamous than famous. It had a lot of unique things going for it such as rear wheel drive but some things didn't pan out the way Chevy had hoped for. It was Chevies first foray into the rear wheel drive market and maybe they didn't think things out the way they should have. When you drive a rear wheel drive car it handles much differently than a front engined car so when you go into a corner things happen at a different rate and sometimes that makes the car severly unstable. Which then turns into bad things happening and that's what happened to the Chevy Corvair and it never recovered. Too much bad publicity sank it before it ever had a chance to get going. But still today the Corvair has legions of followers that have adjusted to its unique quirks and just smile in the face of adversity. So sure the Corvair was a death trap in the eyes of the uneducated but with some knowledge it was a fine car that was fun to cruise in. Even so, it had the dreaded classic car bug, the bad radio. Now according to some, the Corvair was already going to kill you so you probably didn't have to worry about the sound quality of the radio but now some 40+ years later, you've got the bad things worked out and you want to jam while you drive and the good folks at Vintage Car Radio have just what you need. They have the best of the best from the top manufacturers in the world like Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Radio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. All of these makers put out top notch radios that will rival the sound quality of any modern system.