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Custom AutoSound

In the recent history of the automobile cars seem to be getting smaller and smaller. You now have the Prius, the Smart car and any number of tiny little imports invading our streets. I'm pretty sure in the next few years you can have a car that will fit in your pocket and have room left over. Sure they get great mileage and you wind them up with a key but come on what happened to a car that you could feel passionate about? Something that you sat in study hall and drew pictures of, a car that you collected the brochures for. Please don't tell me some youngster is doodling a Fiat. It ain't happening. Now go back forty or fifty years and you have finally found something to get excited about, that would be the Buick Invicta. It was big, stylish and let’s be honest quite dreamy. It was powered by the legendary nailhead and could even tow if needed but its real forte was cruising main street. Its long wheelbase made it seem like it was riding on air and if you had the convertible, you could have the wind in your hair too. It was the ultimate driving machine, whether it was around town or on the open highways. You could not go wrong with the Buick Invicta, way better than a smart car.


The only thing that would make the Invicta better would be a killer stereo and the good folks at Custom Autosound can set you up proper. Not only do they have the exact stereo that you need they have stereos fit without any cutting of your dash. But possibly the best thing of all is the beautifully simple instructions. Your Invicta will thank you for your installation of a Custom AutoSound stereo system.