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Ken Harrison

Dodge. The name just screams don't mess with me. Oddly when someone gets in a Dodge they don't want to 'get the hell out of Dodge'. The long, long history of Dodge reveals a great line of cars and trucks. Usually when an auto manufacturer builds or develops a new vehicle they either pick a car or a truck. Then once they get good at one or the other they jump into it feet first. Usually they only get good at one then dump the other. Dodge was the rare manufacturer that dominated the market with both. Dodge trucks are legendary with their dependability and toughness. Take a look at any work place and you'll see dozens of Dodge trucks, old and new going strong. The great thing about Dodge is that their cars were amazing too. From the Challenger to the Dart, Dodge crushed it on the street and the track. Dodge ran everything from stock car ovals to road courses and won championships everywhere. Dodge tough was not just an ideal but a lifestyle. Now when you're at the work site or when you're driving to school your Dodge won't let you down. It will get the job done and do it happily but sometimes you need more than just a good vehicle you need to be able to listen to some music to help you get you through the day but the stock Dodge radio like so many classic cars really isn't that great. So what can you do? You get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting standards and only use the best parts which means you'll get a long life out of your radio and your Dodge will enjoy it too.