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Ken Harrison

If America doesn't do anything else in this crazy world at least it gave us the Jeep. When someone says Jeep, they think of the USA. The Jeep was originally built for the world war but when the GI's came back from the big one all they could talk about was the Jeep. So guess what, the civilian Jeep was born. At first it wasn't the smoothest vehicle ever built and that was OK. The classic Jeep was built to get from point A to point B no matter what was in between. It didn't matter if it was pavement, rocks, dirt or trees it was built to over, under or through it. The Jeep was simple. It had just the bare necessities, four wheels and a body. Whatever extras you thought you needed, you really didn't. It was about performance, not cupholders. When you know you had to get someplace no matter what the weather, you got yourself a Jeep. Now driving a Jeep is a great thing. Climbing over rocks or slopping through some mud in the Jeep is a blast. Sure it rides like a horse and gets terrible mileage but the Jeep was/is a blast. Of course if your expecting a great radio, you'll be disappointed. Now that can also be said about many classic cars and trucks but the Jeep was especially bad. Now lets say you have a Jeep but want to listen to your favorite songs? You need to move your cursor over to Vintage Car Radio where they have a long line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are some of the best in the business. They are built just like the Jeep which means they will last a lifetime. So get yourself a Ken Harrison radio from Vintage Car Radio. You'll be glad you did.