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Monte Carlo

When someone thinks of muscle cars a lot of people don't think of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. But they should, because the Monte Carlo had everything the big boys did, big engines, good suspension and killer looks. The Monte Carlo was a larger car but had the horsepower to back it up. The Monte Carlo also was considered a luxury car because it had the room and ride to make smooth to drive. Not only that you got the dependability that came with the Monte Carlo being a Chevy. Even though the Monte Carlo was a bigger car it got down the road very well so obviously you started to see more and more Monte's at the track. When you put a big block in a Monte Carlo you got a big mean package and that translated very well to the stoplight drags. Many a smaller muscle car got to see the tail lights of a Monte Carlo. So you've got yourself a Monte Carlo and your having way too much fun cruising the streets or even taking it to the track but there is something missing. As good as the Monte Carlo was it still had the old stock radio. Nobody wanted it then and nobody wants it now so what should you do? You get your butt over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout their line of great car stereos. They carry the best of the best from the likes of Custom Autosound, Antique Automobile Radio, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. These radios are built with only the top of the line components that not only sound good but will last a lifetime. They also are very easy to install and you don't have to tear up your dash to do so. So call Vintage Car Radio, you'll be glad you did.