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Ken Harrison

Not many things in the world are built as well as the Ford Truck. Seriously, when you think of the best of the best, you have to think of the Ford Truck. The Ford Truck has been around as long as the Ford car. The Ford Truck revolutionized the way things were transported across the country, even the world. Before the Ford Truck, you had the horse and buggy and that wasn't exactly the most reliable way to get things from one place to another. It took an incredibly long time and the buggy wasn't the greatest built vehicles. So once old Henry Ford got the truck up and running it changed the way people lived. You could now move things over broader ranges more easily and much quicker. Things didn't brake down and you could count on the Ford Truck to make it there. Now even when you add in major truck driving, as in the large trucks, the Ford Truck made it so the average family could use a truck without breaking the bank. You could now move lumber and other large objects without having to rent some big truck. Not only that the average family could afford a truck and be able to use it on a day to day basis. Now moving stuff, hauling a trailer, using it on the farm made the Ford Truck one of the great things in the world but it was missing one small thing. A decent radio. Now when using a truck you weren't really worried about have a tune to listen to but sometimes you wanted something to pass the time while you were working. Now the classic truck radio really wasn't great, so what do you do? You contact Vintage Car Radio and have a look at the great line of Ken Harrison Radios. You will not go wrong with Ken Harrison radios.