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If there is a city, town, village somewhere in the world, you'll probably find a Volkswagen. Seriously, there are Volkswagens everywhere! Volkswagen may be the most popular brand ever. Every family has had at least one Volkswagen in it. They are built like a tank and always have some of the best lines in their class. The biggest and possibly bestselling car ever built was the Volkswagen Bug. Again, there is not a country that does not have a million Bugs. Their built simple (air cooled, so no radiator and anti-freeze leaks), have vintage looks and they just don't die. When the world ends, there will be cockroaches and VW Bugs as the only survivors. In some countries the VW Bug was built for years, so they are affordable. They are again, really simple to work on. The engine comes out with a just a few bolts and the parts are dirt cheap. The aftermarket for the VW Bug is unbelievable. You can literally build a bug from just aftermarket parts so that keeps the costs down. You can build them stock to just cruise and use for a daily driver or you can lower them to the ground and use them to scare the locals. The coolest thing the VW Bug has done is the Baja 500 and 1000 race. Now this is one of the toughest races in the world, that is, the toughest trucks and buggies run this every year and most don't finish yet there is an entire class just for the good old VW Bug. The Bugs that run this race are stock and how the survive, I have no idea. You can also build the Baja Bug which is a dedicated off road vehicle that is just plain cool. But don't let the VW fool you, add a Custom Autosound stereo and make it even cooler and that's really hard to do.