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Americans love the road trip. There are literally thousands and thousands of miles highways and byways all across this nation. Growing up in the USA you always had the family vacation (heck there is even a movie about it!). The parents would plan out what sights to see and they usually were pretty boring. They would tell you about the big ball of twine and how interesting it would be. I mean come on a ball of twine? But you'd go anyway, sitting in the backseat watching the country fly past, hoping it would be all of soon. Then your parents had more brothers and sisters and soon the family sedan wasn't big enough for the whole family. What to do? Well Mom and Dad went down to the local Chevy dealership to see what was available and lo and behold what do they see, a Suburban! They could have gotten a station wagon but they also had to sometimes carry bigger cargo and the Suburban fit the bill perfectly. The Suburban had all the pluses of the station wagon but all wrapped in a half ton truck package. That meant not only could you haul the kids or family pets but you could also tow a boat, race car trailer or RV camper. The Suburban came with the best V8 engines Chevy had to offer and that meant minimal breakdowns which kept you on the road to that big ball of twine or whatever ridiculous side of the road attraction. Now the hearing the kids complain about where the road trip was taking them or just plain fighting and screaming all the time was just great but the old Suburban could really use some jamming tunes to drown out the kids. Go to Custom Autosound and set yourself up in the best modern radio technology money can buy. Do it now! Your ears will thank you.