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Chevrolet built cars and trucks. Both of course are wildly popular. But then some engineer or designer had the bright idea of having the best of both worlds and the El Camino was born! Half car, half truck all hot rod. The general public ate it up. It appealed to the man or woman that wanted the handling of a car but still wanted to be able to haul the occasional two by four or bag of cement. Also the appeal of the El Camino was the coziness of the small 'cab'. People loved the old style 'coupes' and the El Camino fit that shoe perfectly. Also the El Camino came with all the great engines that Chevrolet had to offer. From the classic small block to the pavement pounding big block making it one potent street monster. The El Camino prowled the city streets looking for unsuspecting Mustangs and Challengers. It was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some El Caminos even made it to the dragstrips of America. They did quite wel