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Ken Harrison

There was a time in America that big was better. When 20 foot cars roamed the earth and gas was a quarter you could build them as big as long as you had the steel to do it. That's another thing there was a time when built a car with metal, not plastic. Sure all that metal added up to a couple of tons but no one cared. This is when the Pontiac Bonneville was born. It was one of the few cars that you could go from one stoplight to another without ever moving. Another words, the Pontiac Bonneville was one large motor vehicle. It was also beautiful. Two tons of American over the topness that just plain worked. The Pontiac Bonneville rode like you were riding on air. That long wheelbase and big weight gave the Pontiac Bonneville a great ride that made it ideal for long trips, short trips or just a night out on the town. We need to go back to these times! Bigger is better. Now when you have a car as big as a Pontiac Bonneville you need a big powered stereo just to be able to fill up the rear seats but the classic car radio was not up to the task. So what do you if you have one of these big beasts but the back seat passengers actually want to be able to listen too? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout all the systems available from Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison makes the best classic car radios in the industry. They only use the best available parts that are built specifically for your Pontiac Bonneville. Ken Harrison makes radios that will fit with minimal cutting which gets you on the road which is way better than in the garage.