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The Oldsmobile has been around forever. They've come in large and small, hardtop and convertibles, coupes and sedans, four doors and station wagons, another words pretty much every type of car imaginable. The '60s were especially kind to Oldsmobile. Early on the Cutlass made and appearance and it was long and lean and was a blast to drive but soon the muscle car wars started thanks to the Pontiac GTO and then the Mustang. So Oldsmobile knew it had to open up the vaults and along came the big blocks. Once you start putting big engines in small to mid-size cars you are upping the ante so to speak. Then you could find the Oldsmobile on drag strips around the nation. From the smaller powered stock classes to the bigger super stock classes Oldsmobile dominated. The legendary 442 which meant four barrel carb, four speed transmission and dual exhaust became an instant classic. It was feared on the street and the strip. The Oldsmobile always had that aggressive stance that made it just look like it was going to kick your butt. It just had that appearance of subtle meanness that was of course matched by all the ponies under the hood. You could of course just cruise the local roads of any town USA knowing that your horsepower was there when you needed it. The exhaust burble was always needed because the radio kind of sucked. It didn't matter if you were just at idle or full on throttle, the stock radio just wouldn't cut it. Now if you’re smart and I know you are you'd contact Custom Autosound for the perfect radio system. The Custom Autosound systems are not only easy to install they also how sound amazing. The Custom Autosound systems are just the best money can buy. You will not be disapointed