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  • KHE-300 for Opel

    KHE-300 for Opel

    KHE-300 For An Opel   Opel was the hidden gem of the sports car world. Known for its exotic looking tail-lights and compact size, the Opel has changed in size and appeal over the year as well as ownership. But speed and reliability remained a...

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  • Custom Autosound USA-740 IN DASH AM/FM for Opel

    Custom Autosound USA-740 IN DASH AM/FM for Opel

    Opel exists as the purest expression of adventure. So that nature kind of envying it somehow. Classic car collectors know this well and feel it first hand while driving one of them. Most of the smooth and elegance of the Opel vehicles came outfitted with...

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  • Custom AutoSound USA-630 In Dash AM/FM 93

    Custom AutoSound USA-630 In Dash AM/FM 93

      A car owner should have a plan that will focus on entertainment. USA-630 is an ideal radio for your vehicle. The USA-630 for classic Caprice is available in the market sold by Vintage Car Radio. It is essential for an individual having a...

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  • Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM 99

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM 99

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM   Radios were invented many decades ago; nearly every household has the device for both entertainment and informational purposes. Over the years, many manufacturers have come up with different models that...

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Everyone has driven or ridden in a small car before. Whether it was a buddies or a family members it was always a unique experience. Small cars are usually owned the eligible bachelor or the man going through the midlife crisis. Sometimes its someone who needs a simple car to get where their going and get good mileage too boot. If you don't have a big family you don't need a huge car or truck so the small car fits just perfectly. One of the good things about small cars is since they way almost nothing they don't need much power and in turn get really good mileage. Which in the long run saves you tons of money. Another thing about smaller cars is they can be quite sporty. The light weight means they handle like they are on railings. One of the great sports cars of our time is the Opel. It had everything going for it. It was small, had great handling and the look was completely unique. Seriously, the lines were just wonderful and it could never be mistaken for something else. It was dependable and people to this day swear by the Opel. Of course driving the small sports car was a great time in life. It could take you away from the daily grind and put a smile on your face. Of course a lot of the fun of a sports car is in the driving but even when your having that much fun you sometimes need a tune playing in the background. The problem with this is the stock Opel radio is just terrible. Words can't describe how bad it is. So what is the answer? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the line of classic car radios. From the likes of Custom Autosound and Ken Harrison, Vintage Car Radio sells the perfect radio for your Opel.