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If you haven't heard of the Mustang, you are probably dead. Any movie that needs a 'classic' car uses a Mustang. If you don't believe me, go rent a movie and see for yourself. The Ford Mustang is everywhere. When the Ford Mustang debuted in 1964 it set the world ablaze. No one had seen anything like it before. The long front nose and nimble chassis made for an amazing vehicle that literally jumped off the shelf. It was one of the few times that a car caused a national craze and set off what is now known as the 'pony car wars'. After the Mustang came the Camaro, Challenger, etc. The race was on for the new youth market and the Mustang really kicked all comers. You could find Mustangs in ads, films, pace cars for races; heck there isn't a place that you wouldn't find the Mustang. Originally the Mustang started off with the basic straight six that did just fine but when the Camaro came out with the optional three fifty, Ford stepped up with the hi-po two eighty nine. But of course that wasn't enough and soon the big blocks started showing up and terrorizing drag strips everywhere. They came with great names like Super Cobra Jet, Mach 1and of course the Shelby Mustangs. I mean, cool car, cool names and it really made you feel sexy while behind the wheel. Heck you know the vintage Mustangs were cool because in early teens they basically just ripped off the design and called it new!


The Mustang had everything going for it; curb appeal, sex appeal and performance to boot but what about that darn radio? You know if you just contacted Custom Autosound you could get everything you need to get your Mustang rocking liking never before.