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The Pontiac Tempest was one fine automobile. It had wonderful lines and a nice throaty V8. It came in convertible, two door and four door. It could be your daily driver, your family vehicle or something to take to the racetrack. It was considered a bare bones musclecar but that was something people wanted anyway. If you started with something simple you could add an intake and carb or maybe some headers and away you went with a pretty mean street beast. The Pontiac Tempest could be found on the dragstrips around the country in classes up and down the ladder. It was dominant in the stock classes as well as super stock. Of course if it was tearing up the strip, the young generation was sure to take notice and that meant big sales for Pontiac. One of the nice things about the Tempest was its undercover style which meant big surprises for unsuspecting victims. Now even though the Pontiac Tempest was a street and strip menace and could be found in garages across the country it still had one big flaw that was very common to many a classic car, the radio. When you turned on the stock radio all you got was am and static. Even if you got a decent signal you still had an underpowered system that sounded like stink. So what should you do? You get over to Vintage Car Radio for all your Pontiac Tempest needs. They carry all the great names in car radio like Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, RediRad, Out of Sight Audio and Stereo Conversion. These radios are built specifically for your Pontiac Tempest and fit like a glove. When you buy from Vintage Car Radio you know your are getting the best quality product and the best sounding radios money can buy.