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  • KHE-300 for Opel

    KHE-300 for Opel

    KHE-300 For An Opel   Opel was the hidden gem of the sports car world. Known for its exotic looking tail-lights and compact size, the Opel has changed in size and appeal over the year as well as ownership. But speed and reliability remained a...

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Little sports cars make the world go round. Every person no matter the age, gender or race has wanted a snazzy little sports car. The sports car is the embodiment of the human dream. It yells youthfulness and free spirit. It brings you back to being a kid and just enjoying life. When you're cruising with the top down there isn't anything better. Not to mention everyone stares at you while you sweep by. If you want to go unnoticed when you're on the road, don't buy a sports car. There have been man sports cars made here and abroad but there isn't much better then the Opel. The Opel had a completely original design. Nothing looked like it anywhere. The lines were just unbelievable. You could take a corner with total abandon and never worry about going out of control. It was just big enough for larger people but still small enough to have way too much fun. The Opel was a killer ride. Having said that, you could have a lot of fun with an Opel but one of those things was not the radio. Like many a classic car the stock radio was just awful. I mean really, really horrible. It had no power and the reception was just terrible. There just aren't enough words in the English language to say how bad it is. So what can you do if you love your Opel but you want a nice sounding modern radio? You call up the good folks at Vintage Car Radio. They carry the latest from Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are some of the best in the business. They are built to the highest quality and radios like the KHE-100 and the KHE-300-USB will outperform the modern car radio. You will not be let down by the Ken Harrison radios from Vintage Car Radio.