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The Pontiac Grand Prix was one of the underrated muscle cars of the late '60s/early '70s. It had everything going for it, hi-revving small blocks, torquey big blocks and lines that were comparable to any other muscle car. You could let the auto shift itself or grab your own gears while you tooled down the road. The late '60s/early '70s were thee era for the muscle car. Insurance rates were low, gas prices were low and best of all the car prices were low. You could have just about any type of car for dirt cheap and when I say car I mean Camaros, Mustangs and 'Cudas. The holy grails of the muscle car era were available everywhere. You could find Boss Mustangs, Yenko Camaros and the like on used car lots across the country. You could just go out and buy a car that would compete with the hottest of hot rods on the dragstrips of America. Heck, with a few bolt-on's you'd be running numbers that were unheard of earlier in the decade and with some crazy drivers the junk yards were full of prime parts that were also cheap and plentiful. The Pontiac Grand Prix was just one of those cars. They were easy to get and were beastly in stock form. But who would leave good enough alone? You could add a set of headers, a cam and intake and take on all comers.


But you know, it didn't matter how fast you went, sometimes you just want to take to the street and do a little cruising and to cruise properly you need some tunes and even though the engines were amazing, the radios left a lot to be desired. The easiest thing to do is to get to Custom Autosound and get one of their fearsome radio systems. Easy to install and really easy fit makes these systems a no brainer.