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Ken Harrison

The dream of many a youngster is to play with their toy cars. They have every shape and size and they run them trough the kitchen, their bedroom and the living room. They play with them in the car and on the beach. They always have their favorite whether its a truck or maybe a drag car but a lot of times their favorite is a small sports car. There is something about the small sports car that lights up their imagination. They picture themselves shrinking down and terrorizing the dog or the cat or just tearing through the house. When you get bigger you have the same thoughts, except this time you picture yourself tearing through the streets or on the racetracks of the world. A lot of people picture themselves doing it in a little Fiat. The Fiat motor company has been producing fabulous cars for decades and igniting the imaginations of kids the world over. Now when your just a kid you just hear the sound of your engine when you're motoring through the house but when you get older a lot more comes into play. Its the smells, the feel of the wheel, the feel of how the tires grip the asphalt, how it feels to grab the next gear and go flying into the next turn. There is also the sound of the radio. When you're a kid you're not thinking of all that but you are probably humming a tune. Well the stock Fiat radio isn't anything to write home about but there is something you can do. You can get over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the long line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are the top of the industry and the sound will knock you on your butt. So get on today.