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Some people think they're cool driving the latest and greatest sports car from who knows where. They have to have the latest year’s products with all the gadgets and gizmos that go with it. They have to show off to all their friends that their cool. But the problem is most new cars have no soul. Sure there pretty and shiny but they have no soul. They haven't lived yet like the classic cars of the '50s and '60s. If you wanted to be cool (and still want to be cool) there is no better example than the '49-'51 Mercury. These cars some stock with some of the best lines ever. They sold great right off the showroom floor but people being people they took a good long look at the '49-'51 Mercury and thought maybe we could make it better. One of those men was Sam Barris. He took a '49 Mercury (or Merc) and chopped the top and the modern custom was born. It was pure heaven on wheels with the new roofline. It was like the designers at Mercury made the body just to be chopped and the car lowered. Soon every Tom, Dick and Harry was taking a torch to roof of a Merc. Some came out good, some not so good but when done right it was just the sexiest thing ever. Riding to the drive in or for a night on the town in a chopped Merc was one of the best things a person could do. But you know when you’re going low and slow in your custom Merc, you need tunes and the stock radio was definitely not up the job. The good folks at Custom Autosound could make the Merc cruise even better with a modern radio system. These systems are completely up to date with every tech feature you could want. Custom Autosound will make your Merc even more classic.