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The Chevy Monte Carlo was one of those cars that have what some would call a cult following. The Monte Carlo came along when the Camaro and the Mustang were king and the Hemi Cuda was killing it with Mopar. The Monte Carlo was slightly bigger than the 'pony' cars of the day but it sure was a looker and it had room in the engine bay for whatever Chevy wanted to put in and yes it got the big block and despite its weight it hauled. What more could you ask for? You had plenty of room compared to the 'pony' cars and you could kick their butts all at the same time. The early Monte Carlos had a look all their own, they looked nothing like anything else out there. It was brutal yet sexy. It was aggressive yet refined. It was one of the few cars that could cruise main street and then tear up the track and not just the drag strip, you could find the Monte Carlo all over the oval tracks. It dominated in Nascar and short tracks everywhere. The Chevy Monte Carlo created its own niche with its slightly larger size and throughout the '70s it got larger like so many cars did but it managed to hold on to its styling and still carried on its dominance on the short tracks. Was the Monte Carlo underrated? Probably but if you still have one consider yourself lucky.


But come on, as good as the Monte Carlo the radio could always be updated and the good folks at Custom Autosound can do just that and they will do it right. Their radios and sound systems bolt right in with no fuss whatsoever. They come with easy to read instructions and require no drilling or cutting. Make your Monte happy with a Custom Autosound radio.