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Ken Harrison

Oh the might Chevelle. With its big by large engine, nasty attitude and major looks made the Chevelle one of the great cars of the muscle car era. Chevrolet already had the mid sized muscle car with the Camaro and they needed to branch out to a bigger badder muscle car and the Chevelle was born or shall I say reborn. The Chevelle had been around in a previous forms but in '68 the Chevelle grew and took on a mean, mean appearance with the oats under the hood to back it up. In '70 the Chevelle really came into its own with the birth of what could be the ultimate muscle car in the big block SS Chevelle. It came with the 454 that could pull a house and still have enough horsepower left over to cruise main street. You could find the Chevelle everywhere from the streets to the drag strip to wherever a big hot rod needed to be. Now driving down the street with and listening to the big block purr is one of the great things in life but sometimes you need more than just that great exhaust you need some real music. But what with the stock radio being utter garbage you need something better. But what can you do? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at all the Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built with the best quality parts and are put together with an amazing attention to detail so that means no break downs so you get great sounding radios without the fear of having to fix it all the time. Another great thing about a Ken Harrison radios is that they install with minimal hassle which means more time on the road instead of the garage. Ken Harrison radios are the top of the heap.