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Hideaway Radios

  • Mark III 3

    Mark III 3

    One of the great things in life is your classic car or truck. Not just cleaning and staring at it in the garage but driving it. Cars were built to be driven. If they weren't why did they come with wheels? Now back in the day the classic car wasn't just a...

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  • Secret Audio SRMS/System Package

    Secret Audio SRMS/System Package

    What is Secretaudio? This is a from Custom Autosound is a concealed, great auto radio framework permits you to remotely mount a radio anyplace in your vehicle and utilize a wired, LCD controller or a remote hand-held remote keeping in mind the end goal...

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  • Mark II.

    Mark II.

    There is something to be for the modern car. You can just get in and drive. You don't have to think about anything. One look at your dash and you know what time it is, what the temperature is, what radio station you're on, you know the important details...

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  • Mark I 3

    Mark I 3

    Go get in your modern car. I'll wait here. OK what do you see? Plastic. Plastic. Plastic. Everything is rounded and molded to an inch of its life. There are hundreds of flashing lights and digital readouts of weather and politics and god knows what else...

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  • RediRad 159

    RediRad 159

    RediRad   RediRad radio adapters can be used with factory or aftermarket radios. They are also compatible with collectible or current radios. With these adapters, you’re able to enjoy your android, smart phone, tablet, iPod, iPad, iTouch,...

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  • Secret Audio SRMS/System Supreme Package

    Secret Audio SRMS/System Supreme Package

    Secret Audio SRMS/Unit Supreme Package   Discovering online auto sound retailers is straightforward with an Internet seek. Be that as it may, choosing which shop to run with is the critical step, and the shop you pick is pretty much as vital as...

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  • Secret Audio SST/System Package

    Secret Audio SST/System Package

    Secret Audio SST/Unit Package   Ever wonder why your father’s multi decade old classic stereo system sounds better than your new fresh from the factory system? Well the secret is out. The intensification is modest and super-high caliber...

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  • Secret Audio SST/System Supreme Package

    Secret Audio SST/System Supreme Package

    SECRET AUDIO SST/UNIT SUPREME PACKAGE   Are you looking for decent auto audio system but want to maintain that classic look? Unsure about spending upwards of several hundred dollars for a “reasonable” system but still have a modern...

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Hideaway Radios for Classic Cars