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Ken Harrison

The Ford Town and Country is considered a ground breaker in the automotive world. It combined a car and truck but in an enclosed body. Basically it could considered the first SUV. Every family needs a car and when you have a lot of kids, you need a big vehicle that can carry the whole family. Not only could it carry a ton of people, you could use it to haul other things like groceries, lumber and other heavy things. It was easy to drive around town because it wasn't as big as a truck, it handled and rode great because it was based on a car and it got better mileage than the average truck also. People who wanted to be able to tow things also liked the Ford Town and Country because it could haul small boats and campers. You could take it camping and have room for all your supplies inside or on top on the roof rack. The Ford Town and Country was an all around vehicle. Now driving around with the kids yelling in the back or having to deal with crazy drivers on their cell phones you need some good distractions. What you need is a nice sounding stereo and like with most classic cars, the Ford Town and Country's stock radio was underpowered and the reception was terrible. So what can you do about it? You get to Vintage Car Radio and checkout their line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are some of the best built radios in the industry. They are built with only the highest quality parts which insures a long life and that makes you happy. They are easy to install and the sound will blow your mind. So get to Vintage Car Radios today and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio today.