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How cool is the name Buick Roadmaster. The name implies that it is indeed the master of the road. The only way that, the name Roadmaster would be uncool is if it was an off road truck! The Buick Roadmaster was a cool large car that has been around for decades. Not only does Buick build dependable cars, they build stylish great handling cars too. A plus of the large size that the Roadmaster from the '50s came in was an unbelievable smooth ride. It was like you were riding on air while cruising down the highway. The smooth ride also made it feel safer, because when you hit a bump you weren't thrown all over the road. Now what else would make a Roadmaster but great handling! The Buick name stood for integrity and good workmanship. The Roadmaster was a top of the line, great driving classic car. There weren't many better. Now sure, the Buick Roadmaster was one of the top cars of all time. Sure it lived up to its name and then some but as a lot of classic cars the sound system didn't do much for the average driver. Well, guess what the good folks at Vintage Car Radio have everything you could possibly need for your Buick Roadmaster. They have the top of the line products from the top of the line manufacturers like Custom Autosound, RediRad, Stereo Conversion, Out of Sight Audio and Ken Harrison. Not only are the manufacturers the best of the best but their radios are built with the latest and greatest technology. The radios are built specifically for your classic car like the Roadmaster. The sound is incredible and the installation is a breeze. So take a look around Vintage Car Radio and you'll find exactly what you need to make your Roadmaster ready to roll.