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The Pontiac Firebird covered so many bases in the automobile world. It appeared at the same time that the Chevrolet Camaro did (and had many of the same parts). It was General Motors answer to the Ford Mustang. The Pontiac Firebird during the burgeoning heyday of the muscle car. It was a sleek looking car with distinctive lines and quite the punch under the bonnet (that was for our English friends) in the shape of a killer small block and a huge big block with four hundred plus horses. You could get the Firebird in hard top or a convertible and of course with an automatic transmission or manual. You could find the Firebird on the streets cruising or on the dragstrips and roadcourses all over the US. The Firebird was a beast of a car but could handle with the best of them. You could through it into a corner and come out the other side with nary a scratch. Sure the Camaro got the better press but the Firebird was equal in every way.


But every car, no matter how good can be improved and the Firebird is just that car. The radios of the late '60s were, how shall I say it, horrible. The dials were scratchy, the sound was terrible and they had absolutely no power, so what shall you do? The people at Ken Harrison have just what you need in the form of a brand new modern radio. These radios come with all the updated MP3 and CD hookups. The great things about Ken Harrison radios are that they fit with no modifications at all. It's an easy bolt in with simple instructions that get you on the road with minimal hassle and did I mention how good they sound? It's like the band is playing in your car with you! Do this now. Some cars are just meant to be a classic. Whether its their look or whats under the hood, they are destined to legends. When Pontiac introduced the Firebird people loved it but it got outshined by its sister car the Camaro. For whatever reason the Camaro got all the publicity even thought there really wasn't much difference in the two cars. They both shared the same basic platform such as suspension and the basic body but the Camaro got hailed as the second coming and the Firebird got a loyal but cult following. The Pontiac Firebird had some great V8's that put out some serious power and it out handled just about anything in its class. It dominated on the street and the track. There wasn't a class at the strip that didn't have a Pontiac Firebird in it. The Firebird had some great looks too. It was something you could drive to the store and to the local cruise spot. It was just as good as the Camaro if not better. Now perfect is a word not used much in cars but the Pontiac Firebird came close. With its looks and driveability the Pontiac Firebird was a classic classic. Even though the Firebird was near perfect it still had the classic car problems. It didn't get great mileage, it didn't ride like a new car and it had a horrible radio. It got bad reception and had no power. So what can you do? You get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the long line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are at the top of the heap in the vintage car radio industry. Their built to exacting specifications with the highest quality parts which ensures a long life of out of your radio. So get to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio.